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Psychotherapy for Individuals

Working through a painful break-up? Finding yourself in the same bad relationship... again? Wondering if you’ll ever find love, or if there even is such a thing? Or just feeling stuck in life, overextended at work, and unhappy with yourself? Counseling and therapy can help you to see your life from a new perspective, and discover new possibilities. Your perception of yourself and others will likely change, and so will your perception of your choices and possibilities. Some common issues I work with include:

  • Break-ups

  • Bad dating decisions

  • Co-dependency

  • Self-sabotage

  • Working through an affair

  • Loneliness, depression, or hopelessness

  • Crisis of faith

  • Boundaries at home or work

  • Increasing self-care

Sometimes it’s hard to seek out help, even when we need it. But just as you would seek professional help with physical health problems, you shouldn't hesitate to get help dealing with these struggles, too. The rewards are well worth the cost: support when you are hurting, healing from broken relationships, and help with destructive behaviors and thinking.


As you explore past, current, or future relationships, you are likely to gain insight into other personal areas of your life as well. Many of the above issues in fact boil down to caring for our souls, learning to love and be loved, and cultivating meaning and depth into our lives. In the end, it’s not just abut learning to cope, but learning to thrive.

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